Why Rule # 1 Is Impossible…

In order to not be hypocrites, we would like to take this time to explain why Rule #1 is impossible, and why, in the face of impossibility, it is okay to bend the rules.

We are both guilty of not only breaking Rule #1, but completely shattering it…into smithereens.  As a result of winter ending, we were forced to find new occupations. And, for reasons unknown to us, we both fell into occupations dominated by men- G: construction, W: fly fishing.

Now, after a harsh winter of learning the hard way why hooking up with your co-workers is a terrible idea, both of us had discovered we learned nothing and proceeded to hook up with co-workers. I mean, what’s a girl to do?

So this is where we would like to say that Rule #1 was made to be broken, because by some act of God, both of those co-worker hookups have led to relationships*. Like the kind where you call that person your boyfriend, the kind of person you tell your parents about, the kind where after the first few months you don’t want to turn the other direction at their mere sight. Ya know… stable, healthy relationships. Weird.

But dating your co-worker is still a tight rope, because inevitably, everyone who works with you will find out. They’ll begin poking cleverly placed comments in your direction in order to obtain information about the affairs between you and said co-worker. Or they’ll just straight up ask what’s going on there.  But, as fly fisherman/construction dudes, these are the type of guys who rarely sight a woman, let alone a woman at their place of employment, so of course they’re going to ask questions.

For Example:

“Oh hey man you tappin that?”


“You getting with office girl? What’s her deal?”

So maybe Rule #1 has to be revised to “Don’t date and/or sleep/hookup with anyone you work with directly who is a total asshole.” In which case, since most people’s douche-baggery doesn’t rear its ugly head right away, it is acceptable to tread cautiously in co-worker water. Just be mindful of the fact that once you figure out they are a total tool, you’ll still have to see them close to everyday so choose your battles wisely.

But I mean whatever, it’ll buff out.

*Shorty after this post was written, things ended between W and her co-worker boyfriend. Proving, that yes, Rule#1 does indeed have its place and that maybe she should keep her douchebag meter more in check. Tomato tomatoe. Or, it could just prove that Blink 182 was right when they said “no one likes you when you’re 23.” Luckily, there are mountains, friends, dogs, and coffee to heal wounds…and new jobs in the horizon which, if history repeats itself, will surely led to more breaking of Rule#1. Again, it’ll buff out.